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TamperView Tape

TamperView Tape by ProCorp Security Solutions is the world’s best security tape and seal manufacturer at the lowest cost.  Shop Now

We have been manufacturing tape and film for the security bag industry from our plant here in Jacksonville Florida, North America since 1978. Today we dominate the market In North America. We manufacture roughly 70% of the closures used here in the USA and internationally with 30% of our production being exported overseas.

We pride ourselves in rendering superior quality tamper-resistant products to organizations of all sizes.  From a single roll of tape to custom contract orders the ProCorp team offers a personal service and we welcome customer visits to our manufacturing plant anytime!

TapeSecure Your Parcel With Tamper Evident

Tamper Evident Security Tape is self-wound packaging tape that leave the words Void/Open on the container and the tape when they are removed. If the tape is reapplied the Void/Open message remains making the package “Tamper Evident”
We have unique capabilities in manufacturing tamper evident security tape:
We are one of only two US manufacturers. The other companies you see are distributors from large Chinese or Taiwan manufactures

•  We have a very large capacity to manufacture tamper evident security tape yielding the lowest prices available.
•  We can make any width from 1.27 cm (one half inch) to 25.4 cm (ten inches)
•  We can make any length from 3 meters (10 feet) to 1,000 meters (1,093 yards)
•  Any color is available on our tamper evident security tape
•  We are the only company worldwide that prints tamper evident security tape with digital print. This means there is no prep charge for printing plates and our printing is as fine as retail packages. Logo prints add to the security of tamper evident security tapes and are in effect free advertising for your company.
•  We can change the Void/Open message to your logo or custom wording.
•  Our standard acrylic adhesive sticks like a hot melt and we also have hot melt available
•  Our tamper evident security tape has been tested and approved by pharmaceutical companies for low temper application and storage
•  We can add security printing, invisible printing, temperature indicators and taggarts to our tamper evident security tapes.

Tape Secure Your Container With Tamper Labels

Tamper evident security seals and tamper evident security labels work the same way as tamper evident tape. We are the only US company capable of making our own stock and finished labels. All the other companies buy the stock from big companies in the US, UK, China or Taiwan. We make our own stock. This means we can make any plastic stock color, any adhesive, any release liner and convert it with our unique digital printing into any process printed or logo design. All in the USA. We can make tamper evident labels and tamper evident seals that leave no residue, partial residue or transfer completely. We do that with no die charges or printing plate charges and we can make them clear so as not to disturb your package design.

ProCorp Security can make any container tamper evident with a tamper evident label or seal. We are family owned and you will be working with an owner not a customer service rep. We take personal responsibility for your business.

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Security Solutions To Protect Your Business. ProCorp is the worlds best security tape and seal manufacturer at the lowest cost.